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101 Marketing Tips You Can Take to the Bank

FREE Guide: 101 Marketing Tips You Can Take to the Bank

Avoid the pitfalls that can derail the most well-intentioned marketing campaigns. Download our free guide, 101 Marketing Ideas You Can Take to the Bank.


Frequency matters. The Ebbinghaus Memory Curve shows that 80% of what someone is told will be forgotten within 30 days, and 70% is forgotten after 48 hours.
Be a smart prospector. Today’s small and mid-sized business marketer can easily and affordably leverage the power of highly-targeted data to reach a very specific audience.
Clean up your data. The misspelling of recipient and company names, and incorrect or incomplete addresses, are some of the most common errors in a company’s database. All spell disaster when you want to personalize your message.


Are you missing some sales opportunities? Download this free guide packed with quick tips that can help you think about new ways to engage with and motivate your potential buyers – or improve upon what you are already doing.

Looking for more? We’re sharing seven more, free small business and nonprofit marketing guides that are chock full of proven ideas and sensible tips. And, four benchmark research reports – all to help you enhance your direct marketing and print promotions. Visit our FREE Resource Library now.

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