Auto Dealerships Mobile Keywords

Auto Dealerships Mobile Keywords

  • – Create a mobile keyword for each car model and post the keyword and short code on car windows, flyers, newspapers ads, and even your website. Prospective customers can text in the keywords to learn about specs, prices, and more!
  • – Ex. “To learn more about this model, text CARMODEL to 000000!”
  • – You can also set up a mobile keyword to:
  • – Direct customers to your online inventory of pre-owned vehicles
  • – Direct customers to online reviews of a specific make and model
  • – Refer buyers to similar makes and models in your lot

Facebook and Twitter

  • – Post pictures of featured vehicle models to entice new customers
  • – Include attractive content like vehicle features (high MPG, bluetooth technology, interior trim details)
  • – Post customer testimonials to boost credibility
  • – Offer Facebook Coupons for maintenance services exclusively for your social audience
  • – Feature exclusive service deals through SM (maintain positive customer relations)
  • – Tip: social media is a great tool, but one must be actively tracking social interactions online to maintain a good relationship(s)

Mobile Coupons - Send customers deals for car accessories - Offer coupons for car maintenance services like oil changes, brake checks, tire rotations, and alignments

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