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Direct mail is a tried-and-true workhorse that offers marketers a wide-open space for unbridled creativity. Run with it!

A highly targeted campaign for which you have a solid list of current customers or high-probability prospects is a great opportunity for a “lumpy” mailing.

Just like it sounds, lumpy mail is anything that’s delivered in something other than a traditional flat envelope. Tubes, boxes or inserts that give a mailing shape enjoy higher response rates simply because they get opened, prompting recipients to handle them and read the messaging.

Win! Pair Promo Products with Direct Mail

One thing’s for certain: People like to get free stuff. Logoed items run the gamut and price points. Stretch your creative mind to choose a product that reflects your business and will resonate with your audience and special offer.

Examples? A dentist could send a toothbrush or molar-shaped stress ball with a letter to new residents, introducing them to the practice. A landscaping company could deliver a playful patch of synthetic turf, boxed with a loyalty pricing offer.

Check out these fresh ideas to boost your marketing with promotional products.

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