Custom QR Codes

QR Codes
Reach a broader audience by adding a quick response code to your next printed campaign. QR codes are a simple way to connect your audience to your business, and all it takes is scanning the barcode with a smart phone! The percentage of people using/scanning QR codes has only been increasing over the past two years.

Custom QR Codes
Not only can you have a QR code, you can now also have it customized. Your logo, company name, a piece of text, branding colours, etc can be used in the QR code! These are the most interesting codes you see on posters, and guaranteed to increase the amount of scans you get.

Dynamic QR Codes
Save time and money by investing in a dynamic QR Code. Dynamic QR codes allow for you to change its destination every time you change your campaign. The flexibility of a dynamic code decreases the time spent on each promotion and allows you to test various markets more efficiently.

Contact us today if you have questions about any of these items. We would be happy to help you with your next QR code project today.

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