Giclee / Fine Art

At Allegra we offer fine art giclee printing on canvas and high quality watercolour stock! Our printer uses a 12 ink print process, that produces beautiful and vivid colours. Our ink and stock is acid free, as to preserve your artwork. The printing is done on a 100% cotton rag for long term durability. Our canvases come with a 200 year image quality guarantee!

Canvas Printing

We accommodate custom sizes, offer flat canvas printing and wrapped on stretch bars (standard at 3/4″ and museum at 1-3/4″). On canvases we can print up to 44″.

Watercolour Printing

We can print up to 24″ wide, plus 1″ on each side for a white border. Length is no issue. We print our watercolour prints on 250gsm museum quality stock.

Fine Art Scanning

Send us the dimensions of the piece of artwork you need scanned, noting if it is currently flat, mounted, on stretcher bars, etc. We can scan up to 48″x72″, and an item with a depth of 4″.

Contact us today for your custom quotation.

With our Designjet HP Z3100 with Vivera pigment inks and the embedded spectrophotometer with i1 color technology delivers exquisite quality, breakthrough colour accuracy across a variety of papers, and truly reliable printing while keeping costs down. Latest technology advancements are incorporated in an unprecedented 12,672 nozzles to render accurate shape and placement of each dot.

Truly archival, museum quality giclee prints are further enhanced by the use of 12 inks including Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Light Gray, Gray, Photo Black, Matte Black, and Gloss Enhancer. Four black inks; Matte Black, Photo Black, Gray and Light Gray, combine with Gloss Enhancer have opened up potential for printing B&W with the highest quality achievable on all substrates including glossy.

What is Giclée?
Giclée is a French word meaning spraying of ink. Giclée (pronounced “zhee-clay”) a Giclée print is an archival print using only pigmented inks — not dye inks, which can fade. The archival papers are acid free 100% cotton, all rag paper. The ink is sprayed on specially prepared paper or canvas by a large format ink jet printer with a very high resolution print head. Giclees are one of the finest reproduction methods available today. The depth of color far surpasses that of lithographs. Lithographs use the same process as printing a magazine, litho inks have dyes in them which is absorbed into the paper and will fades over time. Pigment based inks are superior in archival quality than dye based inks.

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