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Grow your business with a proven performer – print! Thanks to new technology, new materials, and new printing, bindery and finishing techniques, marketers have the ability to “amp up” an already proven performer: print.

Personalized direct mail campaigns, special event invitations, advertising, customer communications, signage and more can all be taken to the next level to help you protect the business you currently have and find more sales opportunities to grow.

Download your free copy of our High-Impact Print Guide. It’s packed with insights and examples on how you can “amp up” your efforts – and results – with direct mailers, special event invitations, training materials, advertising, customer communications and more.

Make it more personal with touchable textures and special inks: 73% of men and 83% of women say physical cards and letters make them feel more personally connected to people than digital messages do.
Make it easier to use with convenient tabs and functional bindings: The average person’s reading speed decreases about 10% when they use a tablet or e-reader versus the printed page with no increase in comprehension.
Make it more relevant with variable text and images: Response rates for a personalized lead generation direct mail campaign are four times better or more than with a generic mailer.

Looking for more? We’re sharing seven more, free small business and nonprofit marketing guides that are chock full of proven ideas and sensible tips. And, four benchmark research reports – all to help you enhance your direct marketing and print promotions. Visit our FREE Resource Library now.

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