Creative Mailings Pay Off in Better Responses



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Avoid 'random acts of marketing' that fail to deliver



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Promotional Products are Gifts that Give Back



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Time to plan your YEAR-END GIFT GIVING



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Wrap up your year with logoed gifts



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High-Impact Print Guide



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101 Marketing Ideas You Can Take to the Bank




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Variable Data

Be remembered with personalized, relevant messages that drive higher response, increase engagement and deliver greater ROI. Allegra can help you get started today!

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Allegra Logos

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Auto Dealers Mobile Marketing

Auto Dealerships Mobile Keywords

  • – Create a mobile keyword for each car model and post the keyword and short code on car windows, flyers, newspapers ads, and even your website. Prospective customers can text in the keywords to learn about specs, prices, and more!
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All in One Marketing Restaurants

All in One Marketing Restaurants PowerPoint File

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Allegra Capabilities VIP

PowerPoint File Allegra Capabilities Presentation

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Cross Channel Marketing

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Allegra Marketing Services

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Promotional Products

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The Power of Print

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5 Ways to Market a Small Business on a Budget

5 Ways to Market a Small Business on a Budget

Small business owners are masters of multitasking. Between managing day-to-day operations, long-term strategy, employees and customers, there’s endless opportunity for important disciplines within a small business to be put on the back burner. Often, this includes marketing, which directly influences all...Read More »

Six B2B Marketing Myths Debunked

Six B2B Marketing Myths Debunked

With so many marketing options available, it’s hard to know what is most effective for small and medium-sized businesses. This is especially true for B2B marketers, 58 percent of whom, in a research study, indicated that generating high-quality leads is their top issue. At Allegra, we...Read More »

Find Your X Factor! How Differentiation Drives Leads and Loyalty.

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Multi-Channel Campaigns

Allegra Vancouver, West Pender | Multi-Channel Campaigns

Multi-Channel Campaigns

The Right Message, The Right Channel

Hit them with a combo! Multi-Channel Marketing Plans from Allegra are sure to get attention.

Today’s customers are exposed to a vast amount of information delivered by a multitude of channels. In fact, research has shown that the average North American is...Read More »

Steps of the Sales Cycle

Choose your channels wisely. Use impersonal channels, like mass media advertising, during the early stages of the
sales cycle and more personal channels at the end.

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Defining business-to-business markets (3)

Defining business-to-business markets is a matter of determining how
many organizations there are of a specific type, then identifying the type
and number of people per organization that are important to you. Most
often you need to define by business type, size, location and, perhaps,
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Clearly and precisely define your target markets (2)

Without having a good estimate of the number of people in your target audience, you cannot do a good job of evaluating and selecting the media channels available to reach them.

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Start planning by answering these key questions (1)

1) What’s the goal that communications can meet or help meet?
2) What is the size of your target market?
3) What channels could be used to reach them?
4) What combination of channels should be used to reach them?
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Pride Parade Banners

Pride Parade Banners Vancouver, Gay Events and Festivals.

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Photo ID Cards

Healthcare ID Badges

Photo id cards in a healthcare setting can quickly identify an unauthorized person in a secured area. In most hospitals and clinics there restricted area like bio-laboratories, surgical rooms where is necessary to control access and allow entry for authorized personnel only, we can produce any type of...Read More »

Direct Marketing Guide

We’ve given you a lot of information to digest, so here’s a quick review. Use this checklist as part of your planning and during your campaign execution to ensure success.



  • Campaign objectives are clear and measurable
  • Target market is identified
  • We understand behaviour and motivations of the target market
  • Budget is sufficient and approved
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CKPM FM 98.7

New Local Independent CKPM FM 98.7

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Welcome to Allegra Marketing & Print Solutions!

Allegra Marketing & Print Solutions Vancouver.

Do you need to manage print materials + maximize your marketing + minimize costs? Maybe you have multiple brands, multiple locations and you’d like to make it easy for employees to customize printed materials within your pre-approved guidelines. The solution lies in a...Read More »