Get top quality labels fast, any size, shape or quantity from Allegra.

Allegra produce high quality, on-demand labels fast and without any compromise on quality.

Allegra provides a completely new, cost-effective label printing option with flexible run lengths and even personalized data if required.

Speed to market is a reality with our new cutting edge digital technology.



When it comes to marketing your brand, a label can be the key element of any promotion, almost like a mini-billboard. Labels are an amazingly adaptable marketing tool as they can boost your brand, provide instructions, even seal your envelopes or act as a reminder for people to reorder. They can advertise special deals on packaging and accomplish endless marketing objectives.

Food & Drink

Digital label printing is great for artisan foods and beverages because it enables you to order labels as you need them. You can also combine multiple SKUs on a single run and order the exact quantities needed of each one. Consecutive numbering, variable data and barcodes can be incorporated in the printing, allowing you to personalize the labels and facilitate product traceability.


Allegra helps manufacturers and distributors sell their products by producing labels that scream “pick me!” Beautiful colours, sharp definition and a variety of special treatments give our packaging labels that extra punch in the marketplace. Affordable short runs, the ability to print multiple SKU’s and variable data (traceability barcodes, promo codes etc.) help you to maintain business efficiencies.


Variable data is simple and easy directly from an Excel spreadsheet, allowing you to print your labels with consecutive numbers, personalized messages, competition codes, different images and traceability codes


Clear film labels printed on our new Jetrion® 4950LX digital label printer are suitable for applications that requiring high levels of clarity. These include beverages personal care and cosmetics. They are perfect for jobs that require a “no label look” together with very high print quality and functional performance during both the application and end use. They show excellent moisture resistance and durability when varnished or laminated. Allegra clear on clear labels are available with adhesives that are suitable for all applications including freezer chilled and wet/dry surfaces.


Clear metallic or white film labels printed on our new Jetrion® 4950LX digital label printer are suitable for food liquor, cosmetics, toiletries, household, chemicals, household and personal care products. They are an excellent option for those requiring high print quality with a functional application end use – you’ll find film labels are moisture resistant and durable when varnished or laminated.


Our new end-to-end digital label printer prints super gloss white paper labels that are suitable for many applications such as food packaging, liquor bottles, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. This type of finish results in a high-quality feel with scuff resistance when varnished or laminated. These labels are available with adhesives that are suitable for freezers or wet/dry environments.


If you are looking for a luxurious classic look and feel then don’t forget we can also print with specialty papers. They are perfect for gourmet foods, wine and spirits as well as all beverages. They are available with adhesives that are suitable for most applications including chilled and wet/dry surfaces.


A well-designed label can effectively communicate your message with style. It is vital that the quality of the design and print is top class as your label is the primary way in which your brand identity is communicated to your target market.


  • Order what you need, when you need it
  • Print any quantity without penalty charges
  • Get delivery in 5 working days regardless of the quantity
  • Have superb photographic quality that will outshine your competitors
  • Utilize the cutting edge digital technology that ensures perfect registration
  • Enjoy real time proofing straight off the machine
  • Make design changes if needed just prior to final print run
  • Avoid having to carry a huge inventory of labels
  • Improve your supply chain efficiencies and keep your business lean
  • Use variable data for mass customization and personalization of labels




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