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Make your business card, signs, brochures, promotional item or t-shirts interactive and updatable with Allegra text message or QR code campaigns. Using our dynamic QR code or text message service  you can make any printed material into a renewable, interactive experience and change it at any time without printing new product.

Mobile marketing is still a new emerging technology, but is one of the fastest growing marketing opportunities to seize in the coming years. Since smartphones are powerful mini-computers that give prospects instant access to information anywhere now is the right time to utilize mobile marketing in your marketing campaign. With data plans being launched for non-smart phones, and the rise of the iPhone and Windows phones, mobile web browsing has become an everyday event. Mobile Marketing is an excellent way of reaching your target audiences and a great extension to your existing marketing campaign. Smart implementation of mobile marketing is an excellent way to establish and grow your customer relationships. Vancouver Mobile Marketing and SMS Marketing Solutions for Industries.

Mobile marketing is powerful because it is simple, affordable, interactive with the customer, brings measurable results you can track, and is capable of creating overnight results.

  • There are almost 5 times more mobile devices than computers.
  • Mobile text messaging has the fastest read rate at 90% in 15 minutes with a 97% final open rate.
  • The only marketing tool that reaches consumers when they are on the go.
  • Mobile has 7x better coupon redemption rates than email offers.
  • Mobile has 100x better coupon redemption rates than newspaper offers.
  • Almost all of your customers have mobile phones and are able to receive text messages.
  • Very few businesses are aware of this marketing tool. Mobile is where internet marketing was in 2000.

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